Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Face of the Anti-War Movement Fires Back

The Face of the Anti-War Movement Fires Back - ""

This article perfectly illustrates the problem with the core of the Democratic Party. I will probably vote for Obama, but after the 2006 elections rolled Democrats onto Capitol Hill with a massive mandate to end the war and get control over Bush, and they did nothing, I have little tolerance left. My earlier post today was about Obama potentiall showing mainstream namby pamby Democratic innards beneath his novel filled -with-change veneer. I hope it isn't true. But there are so many of us out there, just like Cindy, who are ready to leave the Democratic Party if there are any smoke and mirror tricks in the campaign that become clear as policies emerge.

It is well worth noting that at least one Cindy Sheehan basher has changed his mind about just who Sheehan is and what she stands for.

I've only met Cindy a couple times myself. She is a very serious person and not the type of person to seek attention for herself. God &/or Goddess bless her for being willing to speak out, continue to speak out, and most importantly, her willingness to act. Pelosi needs someone speaking truth opposing her in her own district. I am very impressed with Cindy for doing this.

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