Friday, January 04, 2008

Time to Shut Down the State Level Democratic Parties and Illegal Voter Coercion

It isn't time to dance in the streets just yet. Yes a man with dark skin won the Iowa Democratic Caucus. I'm terribly pleased that the front running war monger Hilary Clinton did not take the state. But it is one state. Two parties do not a Democracy make. Look at what Kucinich currently must deal.

Kucinich Files Lawsuit After Party Denies Him Place on Ballot
The Associated Press

Wednesday 02 January 2008

Austin - Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, along with supporter Willie Nelson, have filed a lawsuit to get Kucinich on the ballot in Texas after they say the Texas Democratic Party rejected his application.

The civil lawsuit was delivered late Wednesday afternoon to U.S. District Court for the Western District of the United States, Kucinich spokesman Andy Juniewicz said late Wednesday evening.

The lawsuit says that Kucinich was informed by the Texas Democratic Party on Wednesday that his application was "defective" because he crossed out a loyalty oath in the application that said he would swear to support whoever the Democratic nominee for president might be.

The lawsuit asks that a temporary restraining order be issued to stop the Texas Democratic Party from certifying to the Texas Secretary of State a list of candidates and to restrict the secretary of state from accepting any list that doesn't include the name of a qualified candidate who refuses the loyalty oath.

Kucinich, a congressman from Ohio, also wants the court to declare that the oath requirement violates the First Amendment and the 14th Amendment in the Constitution.

"He's right to challenge a blind loyalty oath to the Democratic Party because it's un-American," Willie Nelson said in a news release from the Kucinich campaign.

Calls for comment made to the Texas Democratic Party and the secretary of state's office after business hours on Wednesday were not immediately returned.

As long as two bought and paid for parties run everything all the way from local races to national elections and break the law doing so, there is no democracy. (Last time I checked, it was a crime to attempt to purchase or coerce a vote.) And don't get me started on national level interference in House elections such as Rahm Emmanuel and the DLC financially infusing Gabby Giffords campaign to the point where true grassroots, superbly qualified candidates are unable to compete financially and thus unable to compete in visual media and all other mediums.

Gabby kicks off her re-election campaign on Jan. 13th. Maybe there should be some stooges in the crowd who can ask her some hard questions about her support for the war, her allegience to the DLC and corporate interests over her constituents. She is a Hillary clone and as such is nothing more than Republican lite supported by special interests albeit slightly different ones than support the Bush Regime.

Neither Dennis Kucinich nor I will ever simply give our vote to an "approved" candidate.

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