Monday, December 19, 2005

Texas to Florida: White House-linked clandestine operation paid for "vote switching" software

Ran across the Bellaciao site that purports a vote switching program used in Florida suppressed Democratic votes on touch screen voting machines. Of course there are Bush ties and financial links to NASA and the White House.
According to a notarized affidavit signed by Clint Curtis, while he was employed by the NASA Kennedy Space Center contractor, Yang Enterprises, Inc., during 2000, Feeney solicited him to write a program to "control the vote." At the time, Curtis was of the opinion that the program was to be used for preventing fraud in the in the 2002 election in Palm Beach County, Florida. His mind was changed, however, when the true intentions of Feeney became clear: the computer program was going to be used to suppress the Democratic vote in counties with large Democratic registrations.

According to Curtis, Feeney and other top brass at Yang Enterprises, a company located in a three-story building in Oviedo, Florida, wanted the prototype written in Visual Basic 5 (VB.5) in Microsoft Windows and the end-product designed to be portable across different Unix-based vote tabulation systems and to be "undetectable" to voters and election supervisors.
The article is worth a read, and I hope to verify some of the source info in it. The comments are also worth reading for balance. If this has any merit, this is very significant as related to the emergent information about AZ vote fraud. More on fraud in the 2004 elections and continuing suppression and manipulation of the coverage of information about the topic can be found in Greg Szymanski's article about Robert Koehler's April 14th column.

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