Sunday, October 30, 2005


Fry's isn't the only chain getting attention for refusal to carry and fill prescriptions for emergency contraception. Target also will not fill prescriptions.

I should also clarify something I said in an earlier entry. I said,
"A young woman is forced to suffer the indignity of having a stranger pass moral judgment on her, deny her prescribed medical care and in doing so to potentially force her to have an abortion that she may not believe in or have a child conceived in rape. This is barbaric."

This statement could be miscontrued to read that I believe EC is an abortifactant which I do not and it is not. Without access to contraception and emergency contraception, conception could occur with an unwanted pregnancy resultant. Delay makes this more likely and the need for an abortion far more likely.

One comment on a recent post states,

UMC does not stock emergency contraception, which is NOT an abortifacient.

A relatively easy victory for Students for Choice might be to organize around this issue. The law technically does not ban EC and there is no reasonable or logical reason why the UMC pharmacy should refuse to dispense it.

Given that a rape victim was recently denied the medication at several local private pharmacies, challenging the UMC practice would seem like a timely and prudent project for your group.

While I am not a member of the group to which he alludes, I will point both the Students for Choice and Feminist Student Network toward this post and point.

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