Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina Resources

Times-Picayune's Everything New Orleans --
Those being looked for
Those who are ok

People offering a place to stay
This is a site for people who want to offer homes to refugees. It show you how, and lists it securely.

Message boards from
weather.comyou can access two extensive topics (at the moment they are at the top of the bulletin board) one about Katrina Affected Cities, counties, and parishes in the LA/MS/AL area and the other for general information related to Hurricane Katrina.


Red Cross Donations
Washington Post: where to donate
Hurricane Katrina Help Wiki
Network for Good
Houston-area Resources (where many refugees are headed)

Missing Persons Databases and Forums
Times-Picayune forum for Orleans Parrish
Hurricane Katrina Survivor Database with listings for New Orleans, Biloxi, Shreveport, Mobile, and other cities
Gulf Coast Missing Persons Database
Craig’s List New Orleans:
Missing People

Rebuilding St. Bernard–contains a long list of people missing from St. Bernard Parish in New Orleans
Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network Complete a form to submit information about a missing person. Your inquiry will be sent to the disaster area, where SATERN personnel will attempt to locate the person or persons about whom you are inquiring.

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